What You Need To Know About Car Batteries in Florida

Your car puts a lot of demands on its battery. Along with providing power for starting the engine, the battery supplies electricity for the radio, power windows, power seats and other accessories when the engine's turned off. The Florida heat is pretty stressful for batteries as well...and you need the peace of mind of knowing that when you turn the key, your car's going to start. 

Unfortunately, like the battery in your laptop or cell phone, any rechargeable battery can only stand so many charge/discharge cycles before it begins to weaken and degrade. Even the best car battery has a service life of only a few years, at which point it can't hold a charge anymore and will need to be replaced. 

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It makes sense that a battery for a Toyota Corolla wouldn't be the right choice for, say, a Dodge Cummins diesel truck, but you'd be surprised how often people want to make the wrong choice for a battery, based solely on price. While you may not need the most expensive battery, it really doesn't pay to go cheap, either. At St. Lucie Battery & Tire, we carry batteries from makers like Deka, at a price point you'll love, and we'll make sure your battery is properly matched to your needs. We are here to help you make the best battery choice for your car or truck. 

Vehicle Battery Maintenance 

Like every other system on your vehicle, your battery needs maintenance and one of the most crucial items is the prevention of corrosion on the terminals and cable clamps. Corrosion appears as a greenish-white, fluffy deposit and can prevent the battery from charging or delivering current to the electrical system and charger. 

It's also important to regularly inspect the alternator and drive belt to ensure their proper function and condition -- the alternator is responsible for providing current to the system while the engine is running, and for recharging the battery. 

Visit us at St Lucie Battery & Tire for a battery inspection, and our techs will:

  • Check your battery's condition
  • Check the terminals and cables for corrosion and clean if needed
  • Check your charging system
  • Advise on repairs and replace the battery if needed

Don't find yourself stranded with a dead battery -- come to us and let us help you!