I Think My Battery Might Be Going Bad...

February 25th, 2017
Automotive batteries don't often just fail without warning. Here are some tips...
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What Do You Know About Your Car Battery?

October 1st, 2016
You turn the key, and your car starts. But what else do you know about your battery?
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What Happens To My Old Car Battery?

May 31st, 2015
Q: I know that car batteries are pretty hazardous. What happens to them after they’re recycled? 
car battery replacement in floridaA: Yes, you’re right. Lead-acid batteries are composed of sulfuric acid and up to 20 pounds of lead, making them pretty nasty and dangerous to handle. The lead-acid battery was invented all the way back in 1859; when an electric current passes through the battery, its lead plates react with the acid, and that chemical reaction is how a charge is stored. As the battery discharges, the acid reacts with the lead, coating the plates with lead sulfate, which converts back to acid as the battery charges again.
Huge lead-ac ...[more]
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