Auto Repair and Tire Safety Tips to Travel the Road Ahead

August 15th, 2014

tires auto repair west palm beachWhen considering the safety of your vehicle, what features first come to mind? Perhaps airbags, or seatbelts, but what about tires? Easily overlooked, tires are undoubtedly one of the most important safety features of any vehicle. No matter where the road may lead, furnishing your vehicle with proper tires to combat any weather condition and driving situation is imperative to vehicle safety. Whether you are coming to an abrupt stop, driving through a light drizzle, or going home on the afternoon commute, having correctly maintained tires could prevent a tire or tread related accident.

Technicians of St. Lucie Battery and Tire understand the importance of servicing tires and maintaining road ready auto repair. The store manager of S ...[more]

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Services to Sustain Fleet and Commercial Vehicles

August 1st, 2014

fleet services flordiaStriving each day to supply their customers with comprehensive auto repair and tire services, St. Lucie Battery and Tire’s service inventory would be incomplete without commercial and fleet services. Upholding proper vehicle conditions is imperative to travel and business operations, thus ensuring all commercial or fleet services are current is necessary to both company success and responsibility fulfillment. Recognizing this importance, St. Lucie Battery and Tire is dedicated to guaranteeing commercial and fleet services are completed promptly with efficiency to keep vehicles on the road.

Constantly keeping an eye towards the future, St. Lucie Battery an ...[more]

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