Diesel? Or Hybrid?

August 5th, 2015

Not that long ago, diesels were slow, smoky, smelly, noisy and hard to start on cold days. Not that long ago, hybrids were poky, expensive, heavy and generally Diesel Service in West Palm Beach FLwimpy all the way around. Today, that’s all changed. For drivers who are looking to stretch a dollar a little farther and are looking for an alternative to regular gasoline-powered cars, there are some great diesels and hybrids to choose from…so let’s briefly run down some pros and cons of each design.

Economy: To make a long story short, diesels do better on the highway, while hybrids are better for around-town fuel economy. The biggest advantage a diesel has is its extremely efficient combustion, which provides great fuel economy at freeway speed. A hybrid, on the ot ...[more]

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