All Season Tires

March 11th, 2015

Tires in West Palm Beach, FL

There are plenty of choices for tires in West Palm Beach, FL, but considering the Florida climate, all-season tires are a perfect choice for most drivers. Why is that, you might ask?

  • All-season tires feature a moderate tread depth that offers excellent handling, steering response and traction on dry pavement and wet conditions. That includes a pattern of sipes that help provide extra biting edges for traction in wet weather and deep grooves around the tire’s circumference that help avoid hydroplaning by  evacuating water from the tire’s contact patch.
  • All-season tires are designed for low road noise, a supple ride and great road manners, making them an excellent choice for family vehicles like sedans, minivans, SUVs and crossovers
  • The tread formulation on all-season tires is designed for long service; most premium all-season tires feature a generous tread wear warranty for years of life.
  • Though it might seem like summer tires would be a good choice for Florida’s climate, it’s important to know that summer tires are made with a soft rubber compound. That soft formulation is great for handling, cornering and performance in hot weather, but the tradeoff comes in a shortened service life compared to all-season tires.

At St. Lucie Battery and Tire, we offer a great selection of all-season tires in West Palm Beach, FL, including premium brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Continental and Goodyear. Regardless of your vehicle, driving style or budget, we’re confident we can find you a great set of all-season tires that will be a perfect fit for your needs. Ge us a call and set up an appointment for tires in West Palm Beach, FL!

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