Dress Up Your Truck With St Lucie Battery & Tire!

February 20th, 2015
Truck Customization in Florida Along with a great selection of tires and comprehensive auto repair, St. Lucie Battery & Tire is happy to present a full line of truck accessories! 
  • UWS: Truck toolboxes from UWS can help you keep the bed of your truck organized, and help keep valuables safe. Their robust diamond-plate steel boxes are rattle-free and feature-packed for years of great-looking, long-lasting service on your truck. 
  • Lucas: Since 1989, Lucas Oil Products has been making high-performance lubricants and additives for diesels, autosports, performance cars, classic cars, marine applications and two-cycle engines. Lucas is also a sponsor for sprint car, drag racing, dirt-track and other motorsports teams…we’re proud to carry Lucas Oil Products’ line!
  • Battery chargers: If you’ve got a vehicle that’s going to be in storage for awhile or just seldom gets driven, a battery charger is a must. At St Lucie Battery & Tire, we carry battery chargers and jump boxes for a wide range of vehicles.
  • UWS Liquid Transfer Tanks: Along with their fantastic line of toolboxes and dog carriers, UWS also features liquid transfer tanks with the same tough aluminum diamond-plate construction. Available in sizes up to 100 gallon capacity. 
  • Tuthill Pumps: For decades, Tuthill has been a respected name in liquid pumps for fuel and other materials. They combine excellent workmanship, dependability, precision flow control and excellent value in a made-in-USA product for many applications. 
  • ATV Tires and Wheels: You want to go off-road, in places where a truck can’t go? An ATV can get you there! At St. Lucie Battery & Tire, we’ve got ATV tires for racing, sand, mud, all-terrain or utility applications. You can also come to us for aluminum cast wheels, anodized accent wheels, wheel spacers, valve stems and caps and other ATV wheels and accessories, from premium brands! 
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