Hurricane Season is Coming -- Are You Ready?

August 9th, 2016

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is talking about a rough hurricane season coming up...are you ready should one strike? Hurricane Readiness in Port St Lucie FL

For your vehicle, you should: 

-- Keep an emergency kit consisting of a good flashlight, rain gear, first-aid kit, cash, some basic hand tools, duct tape and high-protein snacks should you get stranded 

-- Make sure your battery connections and electrical system are in good shape 

-- Make sure you've got a fresh pair of windshield wipers

-- Never, ever drive into high not only don't know what might lie ahead in that water, but your vehicle can easily get swept away in fast-moving currents. Also, if an engine ingests water into the fuel system it will "hydro lock," since water isn't compressible like the fuel/air mixture, ruining the engine. It's not worth it!

-- Know well in advance where the hurricane evacuation routes are and have a plan in place as to how to get to them quickly and get moving.

For your home: 

-- Consider purchasing a generator should your area's power go out for an extended time

-- Secure any loose gutters or downspouts and clear any clogs of leaves or debris

-- Trim back any dead, damaged or overgrown branches on trees

-- Reinforce doors, windows and roof as best you can, and consider having plywood on hand to quickly board over windows if things really get bad

Granted, long-range weather forecasts are still an iffy proposition at best. Still, all it takes is one strong tropical storm or hurricane to wreak a lot of damage on our area. Why take the chance? Better to be safe than sorry!

If you've got any concerns about your vehicle's readiness for hurricane season, make an appointment with us at St Lucie Battery & Tire...and be safe out there! 

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