It's Car Care Awareness Month

April 3rd, 2017

At St Lucie Battery & Tire, we know that everyone is trying to get a few more miles out of their vehicles and make their auto repair dollars go a little farther. Every spring, automotive maintenance comes to the front and center since April is National Car Care Month! The folks at the Car Care Council would like to remind you of a few things to take note of for National Car Care Month…things that may just help keep your car on the road and running right a little bit longer!

Car Care Awareness Month

Tires: It’s easy to take your tires for granted, but it’s also a big mistake. Check your tires regularly for signs of excess wear and remember that front tires that are worn on the inside or outside edge most likely mean an alignment problem. Check your tires’ inflation monthly (remember to check when the tires are cold) and remember that they should be rotated at about a 5,000-mile interval to ensure even wear.

Wipers: Even the best windshield wipers are only good for about a year before they start to wear out and degrade from the sun’s UV rays. If your wipers are dried out, cracked, or losing chips or strips of rubber, go ahead and replace them and remember to check your windshield washer fluid level as well.

Oil changes: Motor oil is the lifeblood of any engine. If you can’t remember when your last oil change was, just pull the dipstick and have a look. Clean motor oil is the color of honey and translucent; if your oil is a little darker, it can go for awhile longer. If it’s the color of black coffee, with an acrid smell to it, have it changed right away.

Brakes: Disc brake pads should be changed when the friction material is about ¼” thick. Remember to have your brakes inspected twice a year.

There’s a lot more to National Car Care Month and to automotive maintenance than what we’ve listed here, of course. Give us a call at St Lucie Battery & Tire and make an appointment so that we can get you set up with a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle! 

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