Lift and Leveling Kits in West Palm Beach, FL and Jensen Beach, FL

December 12th, 2014
Truck Accessories in FloridaGot a truck or SUV that you want to take off road? You’re going to need some ground clearance, and that’s exactly what we can set up for you at St Lucie Battery & Tire! There’s a lot more to a suspension lift kit, though than just laying down the money for the parts, dropping off your truck at the corner garage and hoping for the best. Installing a lift kit is a pretty tough job, which requires some technical knowledge and attention to the truck’s components. An improperly installed lift kit can result in premature wear due to disruption in driveline angles, and a squirrelly feeling truck that will never drive or handle properly on pavement. Things like driveshaft length, steering geometry, length of brake lines, gear ratios and suspension geometry all come into play when considering this modification. You need to ask yourself…what do I want to do with the truck? Just the occasional off-road foray for hunting or fishing? Mud racing? Slow-speed rock crawling? Then you can start narrowing down what you really need for your goals. 
Do you want to lift the truck for bigger wheels and tires? Remember that larger tires are also heavier, with “unsprung weight” that puts more weight on suspension components. Oversize tires can also throw off speedometer readings, may handle poorly on pavement and often require brake upgrades. 
Will your lifted height be so radical that it will require adapters for the driveshafts? Will it change the u-joint angles? Will you need a differential cover or skid plates to go with the lift kit? 
Extreme lifted suspensions tend toward wander, lateralS instability and “bump steer” – will you need a steering damper to go with the lift, for better on-pavement drivability? 
These are all important things to consider when installing a lift kit. Think about what your needs and aims really are for your truck, Jeep or SUV…think about your budget, and then come on down to St. Lucie Battery & Tire to discuss it with us! 
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