October Commercial Tire Spotlight: BF Goodrich Touring T/A

October 10th, 2013
BF Goodrich Touring St Lucie, FLDesigned for sedans and minivans, the BF Goodrich Touring T/A offers the best of both worlds…grand touring ride comfort and low noise, along with responsive and sporty steering and handling. The Touring T/A from BF Goodrich uses g-Grip™ interlocking sipe technology and an all-season tread pattern to resist hydroplaning and offer great year-round traction. Deep, wide circumferential tread grooves are designed for excellent road manners and straight-line stability on the highway. Rigid shoulder blocks help with crisp steering response and cornering, along with BF Goodrich’s g-Wedge™ sidewall stabilizer. 
Internally, the Touring T/A is built with BF Goodrich’s ETEC (Equal TEnion Containment System), reinforcing the belts and filaments for stability and noise suppression. The result is a robust, sporty tire that still rides like a grand touring tire…with a 75,000 mile tread warranty and an H (130 mph) speed rating! And that’s all, of course, backed with BF Goodrich’s reputation for quality and innovation. 
If you’re thinking about a set of BF Goodrich Touring T/A tires for your car, give us a call at St. Lucie Battery and Tire in St. Lucie, FL and we’ll quote you a price you’ll find hard to beat anywhere. 
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