October Specialty Tire Spotlight: Alliance Turf 322

October 10th, 2014
Alliance Turf 322 St. Lucie, FL Turf maintenance machines need a tire that’s gentle on grass surfaces, and the Alliance Turf 322 fits that description perfectly. Its tread pattern offers traction, long tread life and a large contact patch along with low, uniform ground pressure. The Alliance Turf 322’s unique shoulder pattern minimizes damage to turf, even on hills or during sharp turns, and its big footprint disperses the equipment’s weight and keeps it from sinking in on soft or wet surfaces. Turf machines don’t spend their entire life on grass, of course, and the tread pattern of the Alliance Turf 322 provides safe and smooth operation on hard surfaces as well. 
Low soil and grass compaction, long wear and safe operation…that’s what you get with the Alliance Turf 322. At St. Lucie Battery & Tire in St. Lucie, FL, we carry an entire line of Alliance specialty and agricultural tires…contact our store in St. Lucie, FL to make an appointment and get a price quote on a set of Alliance Turf 322 tires for your turf equipment. 
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