RV Tires and Service in Florida

December 23rd, 2016

 Here in Florida, we see a lot of vacationers and retirees come through with RV’s. RV’s are a way of life and a home away from home, and require not only mechanical RV Maintenance in Port St Lucie FL and drivetrain maintenance but a lot of the same sort of care you’d require for your house or for a mobile home.

Whether you have a conversion van, a pop-up or a big diesel pusher, your decision to purchase an RV means that you’ve made a major investment. Like any other investment, you need to be able to protect it and that includes things like:

·        Preventive maintenance to head off problems before they really take hold. That includes things like oil changes, cooling system maintenance, drivetrain maintenance and other PM tasks you’d perform on any vehicle.

·        Scheduled maintenance, just like any other vehicle

There’s also a lot of maintenance for the coach and passenger area, however. That includes things like:

·        Replacing the air filters and A/C filters

·        Checking the passenger area for leaks, water infiltration and mildew

·        Inspecting and repairing plumbing if needed

·        Inspecting and repairing generator and electrical system if needed

·        Checking auxiliary battery for state of charge, fluid level, cables and connections

·        Checking gas and electrical appliances

·        Checking smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, LP gas leak detector and other safety devices

·        Checking the awning and canopy, if so equipped


Since RVs are big and heavy vehicles, they also require heavy-duty tires that can hold up for many hours at highway speed without excessive heat buildup. At St Lucie Battery & Tire, we stock a wide selection of RV tires that will be a great fit for your vehicle, regardless of what you’re driving!

Before you head to your next destination or back home again, make an appointment with us at St Lucie Battery & Tire for RV service. Whether you need tires, repair work, routine maintenance or preventive maintenance, our ASE-certified RV techs can take care of your needs. We’re experienced and trained on RVs and systems, and you can rest assured that your home away from home is in good hands with us. Make an appointment today! 

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