Summertime's Here - Is Your Car Ready?

May 31st, 2014

Tires & Auto Repair St. Lucie, FL

Summer means vacations, and vacations mean road trips and long hours on the interstate. Is your car ready for the hot weather and long miles? You might want to go over a few items on this short checklist…

Tires – Too often, we just take our tires for granted. As long as they’re holding up, they don’t get a lot of consideration, but it’s a good idea to check them before setting out on any long trips. Look for things like uneven wear and run your hands along the tread to feel for any irregularities. Check the tread wear – if you can stick a penny in the tread, Lincoln’s head pointed down, and the tread touches the top of his head, you’re still within minimum tread depth. If you can’t remember the last time you had them rotated, definitely schedule an appointment with St. Lucie Battery and Tire in St. Lucie, FL and we’ll swap their positions for you – it’s essential to getting the most miles out of your tires.

  • Oil change – Can’t remember your last oil change? Give us a call and let us change your oil; it’s one of the most common auto repair items that we do. Cars love to run at a steady speed on the highway with clean oil in the crankcase, and it doesn’t cost much to have that peace of mind.
  • Wipers – As a general rule, windshield wipers should be changed yearly. Winter driving tends to take a toll on even the best wipers; check your wipers for chunks, nicks, dry rot or missing strips of rubber. If in doubt, change them.
  • Fluid levels – This means brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and washer fluid. These should all be plainly marked under the hood; make sure each reservoir is full (don’t overfill!) and look closely for any sign of leaks. If in doubt, bring your car on by St. Lucie Battery and Tire and let us have a look.
  • Lights – It’s easy to not know when a light fails, so make sure that your turn signals, brake lights, headlights and taillights are all in working order. Remember that on most vehicles, a turn signal that blinks at twice the normal speed is an indication that either the front or rear turn signal bulb is burned out.
  • Air conditioning – Turn your AC up to the highest setting – do you notice strange smells, such as a musty or “gym sock” odor? Is the AC blowing cold enough? If not, we can fix that for you; more often than not, the system is just low on refrigerant, which is an easy auto repair.

Nobody wants to ride in a hot, sticky car on a summer day, and nobody wants an unexpected auto repair while out on the road. Get a look at these checklist items, and if you see any problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call for auto repair in St. Lucie, FL. Your comfort and safety are foremost for us as you head out for summer road trips!

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