What Do You Know About Your Car Battery?

October 1st, 2016

The automotive battery is a pretty simple piece of equipment, really, and its basic design hasn’t changed for a very long time.Battery Replacement in St Lucie FL

A battery has six separate cells wired together in series – each cell produces 2.1 volts for a total voltage of 12.6 volts when the battery is fully charged. Each cell is designed with alternate plates of lead and lead coated with lead dioxide, in a bath of sulfuric acid. Inside each cell, a chemical reaction takes place; the acid reacts with the material of the plates and changes their surface to lead dioxide as the battery discharges and releases a flow of electrons. As it recharges again, the sulfate turns back to lead dioxide.

Any rechargeable battery, however, can only withstand so many charge/discharge cycles before it starts to weaken, just like the battery in your phone or laptop. Extremes of heat and cold are hard on a car battery, slowing down the chemical process and weakening the battery.  It’s also important to know that any time you completely discharge a battery, you’re shortening the battery’s life. That’s why many automotive batteries never last through their entire warranty period.

It’s important to take care of your battery – make sure the terminals and cables are free of any corrosion (usually a greenish-white, fluffy deposit) and that the charging system is in good shape. Still, you’re going to have to replace that battery eventually…when it starts cranking slowly or doesn’t hold much reserve power, that’s when you know the time is coming fairly soon.

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