Marine Batteries in Florida

How Do Marine Batteries Differ? Batteries Sebastian, FL

You may have heard that an automotive battery isn't a good choice for watercraft. Why, though? 

  • A car battery is designed for a large surge of current for a short time, in order to crank the engine. Marine batteries are "deep cycle" batteries, designed for a low current output over a long time, often completely discharging. A series of complete discharges can ruin a car battery pretty quickly. 
  • While a car battery uses thin plates in its internal construction, a marine battery uses thicker lead plates. As a result, a marine battery has much more reserve power with a much lower cold cranking amperage rating. 
  • Marine batteries need this reserve power for lights, pumps, audio systems and other accessories when the engine is off.
  • Marine batteries also need to be much more shock-resistant than automotive batteries, as anyone who's been on rough seas can attest. 

Gel Cell Batteries

We're sure you probably know that the acid in a battery's cells is very dangerous stuff. The latest advance in marine deep-cycle batteries is the gel-cell design. It's superior to conventional batteries for one main reason -- the thick gel in the battery's cells isn't as likely to leak out and spill should things get rough and the battery gets knocked around or tips over. Gel-cells are a completely closed system with no need to ever inspect the cells or add water. 

Many boaters prefer to have two batteries on board -- one as the cranking battery (which recharges while the engine is running) and one as a reserve deep-cycle battery to power accessories. 

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