I Think My Battery Might Be Going Bad...

February 25th, 2017

The automotive battery hasn’t really changed much for 80 years.Battery Replacement in St Lucie FL

It’s still a design with six cells that store and deliver 2.2 volts apiece, for a total voltage of over 12 volts of cranking power. Unfortunately, any battery that can charge and recharge again – whether it’s in your laptop, tablet, cell phone or car – can only withstand so many charge/discharge cycles before it starts to weaken. Eventually, its ability to store and deliver a charge will be compromised to a point where it has to be replaced.

Most automotive batteries are warrantied for 36 months or more, but often they don’t make it through their entire warranty phase before they need to be replaced. These are signs your battery may be starting to weaken:

  • Battery wears down to the point of cranking slowly, after only 15 or so minutes with the radio or lights on
  • Battery spins the engine quickly at first, but slows down right away while cranking
  • Headlights are dim, or power windows move slowly with the engine off
  • Engine turns over too slowly to start

Bear in mind that if you’re experiencing these problems, the battery may not necessarily be at fault. The charging system and alternator may not be putting enough charge back into the battery again. It can also be due to a buildup of corrosion around the battery posts, terminals, cables and cable clamps. Corrosion is a fluffy white or bluish-white buildup that can actually prevent the battery from receiving or delivering a charge.

At St Lucie Battery & Tire, we carry a full selection of top-quality batteries for sedans, coupes, light trucks, SUVs, minivans, and crossovers! Our battery service includes:

  • Performing a state-of-the-art computerized battery test
  • Professional installation of new battery, if needed
  • Responsibly disposing of old battery
  • Removing corrosion from cables, terminals, and clamps for a good connection
  • Checking the alternator and charging system for proper function and condition

Don’t wait until the day you come out to start your vehicle and get that discouraging “click, click…click” that means you aren’t going anywhere. Make an appointment with us at St Lucie Battery & Tire and let us check your battery and charging system, and get you a new battery if needed! 

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