Your dad probably told you a long time ago…”make sure you change your oil regularly!” But what is it about oil changes that are so important? Changing your oil at regular intervals is the single best step you can take to get the most years and longest miles out of your engine. The detergents, friction modifiers and other additives in motor oil help suspend particles and contaminants the so they can be trapped in the oil filter. In time, though, the paper element in the oil filter will become saturated to absorb any more, and the contaminants bypass the filter and start to build up on moving parts like bearings. These deposits of sludge and carbon will then cause faster engine wear and will shorten engine life.

Synthetic Blend Oil change

Oil Change Recommendations

Conventional oil should be changed about every 5,000 miles. Newer formulations of synthetic-blend oil are available, offering better protection for older engines with more than 75,000 miles on them. Full-synthetic oil is now recommended for new vehicles – it offers better protection in every aspect compared to conventional oil. While synthetic oil is more expensive per quart, that extra cost is balanced out by a longer oil change interval of about 10-12,000 miles. Always remember to check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations.

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$49.95 Synthetic Blend Oil Change

We are proud to offer a honest oil change and 27-point inspection of your vehicle so you get back on the road safely and quickly. This is our every day price.

It’s up to you-you can spend a little money now and then for oil changes, or you can spend a lot of money down the line for an engine rebuild. At St. Lucie Battery & Tire, we can schedule you for an oil change and get you down the road again quickly. So can you remember your last oil change? Pull your dipstick and have a look at the oil. Is it honey-colored and translucent, darker, or the color of black coffee? Make an appointment with us and let us get you taken care of!

Full synthetic is $69.95 for the first 5 qts.