Frequently Asked Questions

Will we install customer supplied parts?

At St. Lucie Battery and Tire, your safety is our top priority and that is the main reason we do not install customer supplied parts. We cannot guarantee parts that have been purchased elsewhere because we cannot vouch for their safety or reliability.

What are the hours?

We currently have 15 St. Lucie Battery and Tire locations. Click HERE for the location/hours nearest you.

What are your prices?

We price Tires and Batteries over the phone but not mechanical repairs. Too many factors are involved in repairs such as part costs and labor time involved. We have 2 ways to get a price quote:

Do we offer road service? Select locations

We do have an emergency tire service and battery install. Wait times are determined by the days workload.

Do we offer towing?

We do not offer towing through any of our St. Lucie Battery and Tire locations But can arrange it with our local towing companies depending on location.

Do we accept walk ins? Select locations

We will always take an emergency flat repair or battery install at any location. Any other services will need to be approved at time of service request.

What is the hourly labor rate?


Will we quote mechanical over the phone?

We do not quote mechanical over the phone because without looking at your vehicle, we really do not have a complete analysis of what is needed to repair it properly.

Will we work on lifted trucks?

It used to be that we would only take lifted vehicles at some of our locations. But we are happy to say that we have eliminated tall truck exclusions at all our locations and our mechanics stand (we use the taller ones) ready to repair your lifted trucks at all our St. Lucie Battery and Tire Car Care Center locations.

Will we work on lowered vehicles?

Before we start any repair work on your vehicle, we will need to assess it on the rack. If it passes our rack inspection, we’re good to go and we’ll get you going again too!

Do we accept Firestone credit cards?

We take all major credit cards, the Firestone credit card and cash.