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If you are on the water, having reliable marine batteries is essential to the operation of your boat. Whether it is starting the engine, running important equipment, or just keeping the lights on, the boat batteries you choose must be reliable.
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Keep in mind that this type of battery is not the same as a car battery. Car batteries are designed to discharge a large surge of electricity for a short time. Marine batteries or boat batteries are designed to put out a lower amount of current over a longer time. Plus, boat batteries are most shock-resistant, offer reserve power, and have thicker lead plates that helps to keep the stored electricity in place.

This means that for your boat choosing marine batteries are the best. You can start by selecting the right type of batteries that are matched to the boat and equipment that you use.

Different Types of Boat Batteries

The first thing to note is that there are at least three different types of batteries designed for use aboard boats.

Deep Cycle: For long-lasting power, these batteries are best suited for the following.

  • Trolling motor
  • Live well pump
  • Fish locator or depth finder

Dual Purpose

These are the general batteries that offer a wide range of options. From solid starting power to keeping the accessories on your boat powered, a dual-purpose battery is an excellent choice.


For starting up inboard and outboard motors, you need a good starting battery. They provide plenty of power to get the engine started. Plus, they can also operate the radio and marine lights on your boat.

How to Choose the Right Marine Batteries

Now that you know the different types, the next step is determining which type you need. An easy choice would be the dual-purpose batteries since they can operate all the essential devices along with starting the engine. But while this type of battery can do it all, it may not be the best suited for a particular task as compared to the more specialized boat batteries.

If you need to run your trolling motor, live well pump, or fish locator, then a good deep cycle battery is the best. If you need a strong battery to start your engine, operate the radio, and run the lights, then a starting battery is the best. A general-purpose battery can do it all if that is best suited to your needs.

Our Price Match Guarantee

If you find a price on marine batteries that are lower than our price, we will match it. All you need to do is bring in or show us your online quote. We will match the price based on the exact make, model, brand, and service.
We also have more boat batteries in stock compared to our competition. This means that your best chance to find the marine batteries you need quickly will be at our store. We invite you to come by our store and see what we have to offer.


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