Your Car’s Electrical System

Besides the starter and the alternator, the car battery is one of the essential component of a car's health. These components help start your car’s engine and keep it running. If one of these parts isn’t working right, your car won’t start or run properly. this is why auto battery check-ups are vital for your vehicle's health - your car depends on it.

At St Lucie Battery & Tire, our expert technicians will perform a thorough evaluation of a battery and electrical system. Recurring checkups for your car or truck will ensure it to be around for the long run and every car owner wants a strong and healthy auto battery.

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Be Safe and Have Your Car Battery Serviced Today.

Our Services Include:

  • Performing a State-of-the-Art computerized battery testing.
  • Professional installation of a new battery (If needed).
  • Properly disposing of the existing battery.
  • Removing corrosion from the battery cable terminals to ensure a clean direct connection.
  • Checking the alternator belt tension and wear.
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Batteries - Reliable Start-Ups for any Machine

No matter the need, we’ve got your battery.

Deka batteries are manufactured in the U.S.A. with the highest quality workmanship and materials providing the ultimate combination of quality performance and price. With dual purpose capabilities for crisp engine starting and long deep discharge we got you covered.