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Your RV batteries are unique and require special care for them to work properly. The good news is that maintaining the batteries is simple and straightforward. You just need to know what to do to keep them in good running order.
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Deep Cycle Batteries

There are two basic types, valve regulated and flooded lead acid. You’ll find the flooded type is more common with both serviceable and maintenance-free versions. The valve regulated lead acid batteries suspend the electrolytes in a fiberglass or gel format. While gel cells are great for marine use, such as on boats, they are not well-suited for RVs.

There are also Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM batteries that are more expensive compared to deep cycle but offer some excellent advantages. They are maintenance-free, virtually leak-proof, and cannot be frozen in all but the most extraordinary of circumstances. Just keep in mind as with any battery that overcharging and undercharging can seriously cut down its life expectancy.

You’ll need to choose the right size RV batteries for the job. They come in different sizes with the larger ones having more amp hours available. You can use single batteries, such as 12v or 24v or wire RV batteries in parallel, such as replacing a single 12v with two 6v.

How to Use a Deep Cycle Battery

The key to a long-lasting deep cycle battery is how you discharge and recharge it over its lifetime. You’ll want to discharge the battery down to at least 50% before recharging back to full capacity. Doing that will extend the life of the battery compared to recharging it when it reaches 80%.

Plus, you will want to recharge the battery as soon as practical. The faster you can recharge it back to full capacity, the longer it will last.

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What is an RV Battery?

These are lead-acid batteries that consist of several cells that contain 2.1 volts of electricity. So, a 12-volt battery will have 6 cells that contain electrolytes. Such batteries are made of lead plates that are surrounded by a hard casing. Keep in mind that batteries do not generate electricity, they store it. So, the thicker the lead plates and number of electrolytes will determine just how much energy the batteries can store.

RV batteries sometimes called house batteries because they provide a steady amount of current designed to last for a long time. They are also called deep cycle batteries which are different than typical marine or starting batteries, so do not use either of those in your RV.