September Specialty Tire Spotlight: Galaxy Constellation R-4

September 20th, 2013
Galaxy Constellation R-4 in West Palm Beach, FLBackhoes need a different design of tire from ag tractors or other construction and industrial equipment. Galaxy’s Constellation R-4 is designed and perfectly suited for backhoe service, with heavy nylon construction and a special tread formulation that’s designed for off-road, industrial and building site use. The cleat tread of the Constellation R-4 efficiently ejects mud, stones, and debris with every revolution, ensuring traction and strong pulling power. 
Rough job sites are no problem for the Galaxy Constellation R-4. Its tough tread compound resists cuts, punctures, and gouges, and it’ designed with Super Sidewall protection to ensure the integrity of the rim and sidewall, no matter how demanding the application. At St. Lucie Battery  & Tire, we carry a wide range of specialty tires for construction, ag or industrial equipment, as well as golf carts, ATVs and much more. Give us a call and let us make you a price quote!
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