Tire Safety to Travel the Road Ahead

June 10th, 2014

auto repair tires west palm beach flBy: Hank Smith

Many different components and auto repairs go into keeping a vehicle safe and road ready. Scheduling regular oil changes, checking belts, and ensuring filters are clear is only the beginning of the long list vehicle owners tackle multiple times a year with their vehicle. Amidst all these auto repairs it can be easy to forget one of the most important safety features of any vehicle - the tires. Using these helpful hints and the expert service on any technician of St. Lucie Battery and Tire in the West Palm Beach, FL area, vehicle owners can easily keep their vehicle road ready for whatever life brings. 
Providing the best tires and auto repair in West Palm Beach, FL since 1970, St. Lucie Battery and Tire knows the best way to maintain a vehicle at top performance is preventative maintenance. Scheduling routine checkups and staying current with auto repair will save both time and money in the future. To ensure the best performance and maneuverability for any vehicle’s tires, begin with the tire pressure. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 1 in 4 vehicle owners do not have the correct air pressure in their tires, and over 200 traffic casualties per year are cause by improperly maintained tires. 
At the least, check tire pressure monthly as tires lose roughly 1 psi (pounds per square inch) per month and can dramatically decrease both the control and power of a vehicle. Inspect externally for cracks or trauma and never drive without the valve cap securely fixed on the tire valve. Always be aware of the condition of your tires and remember to consult St. Lucie Battery and Tire in West Palm Beach, FL when the life of your tires has come to an end. Schedule an appointment today and see the difference nearly 45 years of quality tire and auto repair service can provide any vehicle owner in the West Palm Beach, FL area. 

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